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We prepare students for college, but how do we prepare those not taking that path?

Answer: We “Invest-Early” with paths while they are in middle school and high school for those “non college bound” students with introduction to paths not considered the norm, until now.

Curiosity and a love of learning are the best things we can instill in our students. Students want to spread their wings early, but the burden of “not getting a good job” because you are not going to college, is slowing them down -until now. Invest-Early is going to change that perception.

Our Goals and Paths

As we grow so will our options for multiple paths for students. Please stay tuned as we investigate and create ways to find your career early. Invest-Early is a win for everyone.

Invest-Early will focus on vocational/trade careers. Some will seek certifications, some will seek apprenticeships and some will seek higher education. We will start the process and introduction earlier in the education cycle so when they graduate high school they have a fighting chance to succeed.

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